A place for committed entrepreneurs to interact with like minded individuals looking for a lifestyle of freedom and wealth.


If you intend to increase the profitability of your business, so it can bring greater personal wealth and financial certainty into your life without the need to sacrifice every hour God sends, working harder and harder for longer and longer, all for the ever-elusive promise of a “better” tomorrow – then reading this message in its entirety is vitally important for you.

Because let’s face the facts: the ONLY reason you’re NOT getting the results you’d like to be getting in your business and personal life today is because you’re not doing what needs to be done to make them happen.

Results don’t lie.

They can’t. And the longer you choose to disregard, ignore or even deny what your results are constantly telling you, you’re destined to get more of the same.

Why else do you think so many bright, hardworking business owners never get to experience the financial rewards and lifestyle freedom that inspired them to become entrepreneurs in the first place?

It’s because they follow the crowd.

They think and act like every other business thinks and acts. And their results prove it. Yet still they persist, convinced it’s all going to change if they just put in that extra few hours.

It’s a dumb game. And a common one.

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  • If you’re trying to make it on your own, you’re finished. If the best your business can hope for is you and your thinking, you’re its greatest liability. You’re limiting your business and in time you’ll take it down with you.
  • If you network and surround yourself with “typical”, “average”, “normal” “everyday” underachieving and mediocre business owners, you’ll continue to get EXACTLY what they are. Environment shapes us – and you are the average of the people you spend your time with.
  • If you DON’T have access to mentors – successful people who have been there and done it before you, so you can model their success and avoid the multitude of mistakes and failures they made on the way to success…you are significantly disadvantaged
  • And if you DON’T have direct access to an experienced coach who can continually elevate your thinking beyond the thinking responsible for generating your existing conditions and circumstances….you’re not even at the table


The world is changing dramatically. Economic uncertainty and political turmoil in the major economies are creating the most unstable and precarious business environment in living memory. You can either take advantage of it by taking control, driving change on your own terms and seizing the inevitable opportunities it brings…or you can follow the herd, bury your head in the sand…and get left behind.

The turmoil and uncertainty isn’t going away. Change is constant, and the rate of change is increasing. What will differentiate the “haves” from the “have nots” will be what’s always separated them – the choice between choosing to change or choosing to be changed. Either way change is coming, and you’re free to choose accordingly….but you can’t escape the consequence of your choices.

But if you are the type who understands that elite entrepreneurs focus on Potential and not on Resources you will act immediately on what I have to offer…

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 Entrepreneurial Inner Circle is a unique community of like-minded, growth-orientated, success-driven business owners who get to benefit from a powerful and proven entrepreneurial success support and learning system.

There is NOTHING like Entrepreneurial Inner Circle anywhere in the marketplace. Where else can you get direct access to a world-class coach on a regular basis to dramatically improve your results?

And there’s more…a LOT more…..and in a moment I’ll share it….


…but first, I want to put you off if I possibly can.




Because I’m asking you to make a very modest investment in both you and your business for future success. But more than that, more than the money, it’s the commitment I’m asking you to make. And if you’re NOT the kind of person willing to invest time and money in improving yourself as a business owner….then what follows isn’t for you and reading it will be a waste of your time.


I’m ruthless about the quality of person I collaborate with. I love my work and I don’t allow anyone to rain on that parade. I remove hundreds of people every month from my General Inner Circle because they’re “freeloaders” and typical in mindset of underachieving, mediocre business owners who aren’t willing to do what’s necessary to enjoy outstanding business success and all that comes with it.


What’s more, this message is definitely NOT for you if:


  • You believe this – or anything else for that matter, is going to work for you without you putting any effort in. If you think that, I can’t help you. There are thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of charlatans, cheats, snake-oil salesmen and self-appointed “gurus” in the world who will gladly help you dispense of your hard-earned cash and sell you on hope. I’m not one of them. What I am is a plain speaking, direct and upfront bloke who walks his talk and delivers on what he promises – EVERY time.
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And I can assure you joining my Entrepreneurial Inner Circle means you’re significantly “upping your game”. This is no place for life’s “passengers”. EIC is about leveraging the power of your mind and the collective wisdom of others AND implementing at a much higher level in your business and your personal life.

If the idea of working harder at being smarter puts you off – don’t join because you’re not ready for this or the success it’s proven to bring.

  • You’re not serious about growing your business AND improving your quality of life. Yes you can expect to enjoy significant and lasting business growth by membership of Entrepreneurial Inner Circle. Plenty of others have made it happen so why shouldn’t you? You’ll be exposed to eye-opening information and expertise to improve every aspect of your life, including a plethora of proven business building strategies, BUT if your idea of success is to be consumed by your business in order to fill your bank account at the expense of your health, relationships and any other aspect of life you value – then you can stop right here, because I’m NOT the coach and mentor for you, and you WON’T fit in EIC.
  • You’re timid, faint-hearted, shy and not willing to face the reality of yourself and your business. The biggest threat to your current and future success is you. Outside of EIC you are your businesses greatest liability. Inside, you’re its greatest asset. And in Entrepreneurial Inner Circle you’ll be expected to come forward in the regular Group Coaching and Mentoring Events to ask questions and enter into a coaching conversation with me. This is where I help you to think at a much higher level, so you can overcome the challenges and obstacles currently getting in the way of greater success in your business and personal life. But I can’t help you if you can’t be honest with yourself and don’t come forward– and you can be assured of this, if I sense you’re selling out on yourself at any level, I’ll call you out on it. Coaching is a rigorous and challenging process, and EIC is not for delicate, precious “wall-flowers” or those too delicate to grow from robust, thought-provoking conversations.
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So, if you’re still with me, then it tells me you’re serious about wanting to significantly grow as an individual and enjoy significant improvements in your business and personal life as a consequence – and you’re willing to knuckle down, think differently and do what needs to be down to make it happen. And….it tells me…you’re exactly the kind of person I enjoy working with.


If… you are seri­ous about your busi­ness growth and personal success, and you’re willing to be open minded enough to new ideas and a very different way of thinking – many of which will be counter intuitive and may even contradict what you’ve learned, assumed and believed to be true about yourself, your potential, your business, what creates success and how to market your business intelligently and profitably…

And… you’re willing to join me, in person, in the Group Coaching and Mentoring Teleseminars taking place twice a month ...PLUS take advantage of the frankly unprecedented levels of personal access you get to me (not to mention the incredible support and assistance from everyone else in this unique entrepreneurial success community)…


Then… please accept this warm and personal invitation to join me in Entrepreneurial Mastery Inner Circle —a unique and powerful group of like-minded men and women determined to own extraordinarily successful businesses and enjoy very successful lives as a consequence.

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1: Two x 2-Hour Live Group Coaching and Mentoring Events EVERY month. Taking place every other Monday, at 4pm UK time, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with me personally, to ask me a question and receive both coaching and mentoring in return. A world-class coach continually on tap for you and your business.


PLUS you’ll also have the very rare and incredibly powerful benefit of observational learning. This where you have the unique opportunity to listen to the goals, aspirations and challenges of other like-minded, success-focused business owners as they interact in a coaching and mentoring process. Here’s why it’s so powerful. You’ll pick up an endless amount of ideas, solutions and best practice from it. We may all have very different businesses and very different aspirations, but what stops us reaching our potential and achieving those aspirations is universal. Believe me, I know . Thousands of hours coaching over the past 4 years has given me that awareness.


Oh and by the way – every session is recorded – you’ll get a link to listen back to the Event, and download the Mp3, within minutes of the session ending – so if you do miss the live interaction, you won’t miss any of the powerful insight that comes from observational learning.

2. Access to the exclusive Entrepreneurial Inner Circle Discussion Group. This is where you interact, day in day out, with other like-minded, success-focused business owners in the group. Entrepreneurial Mastery Inner Circle is a powerful self and business growth environment, where members bounce ideas of each other, discuss breakthroughs, get help on challenges, build relationships, share opportunities for collaboration and joint ventures, support each other in their business growth and personal success objectives, and discuss points raised in the live Group Coaching & Mentoring and Guest Mentoring sessions.

PLUS it’s also the only place where, unless you’re a member of my high-end entrepreneurial mastermind (Entrepreneurial Elite Inner Circle), you can email me and get a full and frank answer to help you overcome whatever’s getting in the way of your growth objectives in-between our regular, in-person interactive sessions.


And I assure you of this – Entrepreneurial Mastery Inner Circle will be a treasure trove of business-building and life-enhancing ideas and insight. I’d strongly advise you set up a folder in your mail client just for the nuggets of wisdom you’ll get from this experience – I know, from personal experience, it becomes a library of success strategies and tips to continually reference as you move forward.

3. The incredible Millionaire Entrepreneur Newsletter. An entirely unique 8-page publication delivered-to-your-door every month packed to the hilt with powerful articles from me and leading experts on the field of success. It’s loaded with invaluable insight, tips, strategies and tactics to put to work in your business and personal life straight away.


This incredible publication is exclusive to EIC members only, and includes essential information on topics your average business owner just doesn’t get exposure to. Not only that, it contains contributions from leading experts in critical areas relating to extraordinary entrepreneurial wealth, health and success.

There’s also insightful ‘warts and all’ interviews with highly successful entrepreneurs and fellow business owners in the group, revealing how they’re overcome adversity and failure and how they’re accomplishing significant growth, profits and personal wealth in today’s tough business environment.

4. Occasional freebies and other goodies to make sure you succeed in your business growth and personal success objectives. Think the odd special teaching via MP3, video, or webinar. It’s not a contractual part of the deliverable, but those who’ve worked with me personally already know I go beyond the call of duty in everything I do

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If you were to try and replicate the level of support and resource you get in EIC independently, you’d need to invest a very healthy 5-figure sum. To get this level of access to the highest paid professional coach in the world alone would do that …. plus the newsletter, 24/7 access to the discussion group and the opportunity to dramatically improve your network/inner circle overnight is taken into consideration.


Given the calibre of resources at hand, a reasonable fee for membership of Entrepreneurial Inner Circle should be at least £497 a month


And I can GUARANTEE it’s a steal at that price.


THAT SAID…I’ve built something very special here, something you can’t find anywhere else…and given there’s very little (if any) support today to help small business owners grow their businesses and improve their lives -and there’s certainly nothing that packs as powerful a punch as EIC – I’m committed to bring this extraordinary opportunity to as many growth-orientated, success-focused business owners as possible.


Which is VERY GOOD NEWS for you because it means you can enjoy the astonishing benefits of Entrepreneurial Inner Circle for just £99 a month, by automatic subscription.


To put that figure into perspective, it equates to just £3.3 a day.


That’s nothing short of astonishing value, and let’s face facts; if you’re not willing to invest less than a fiver a day to get access to expertise, resources and a support network of positive, upwardly-mobile, successful business owners at this level, entrepreneurial life is really not for you.

Oh and I nearly forgot…

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Firstly, I guarantee your subscription will NEVER increase for as long as you’re a member.

I can’t say fairer than that can I?

And let’s put into perspective. If you’re doing what needs to be done and taking action, your membership is FREE. Better than free, in fact, because if you’re like most EIC members, you’ll be making bigger profits far outweighing the small subscription fee I’m asking from you.

And as I said, the humble £99 a month membership fee is less than £3.3 a day… less than what most people spend in Starbucks a day.

And let’s face facts – any business owner NOT willing to invest less than £5 a day on improving themselves, growing their business and enabling greater success to come into their business and personal life is going to find business, and life, increasingly frustrating and difficult.

Following the underachieving and struggling masses down the well-trodden path has always been disastrous. It has NEVER led to the financial certainty and freedom enjoyed by the Top 1%, and it never will.

So don’t do it. Be willing to take the path least travelled…and I can assure you, from a plethora of personal experience – both mine and others – you’ll be rewarded exponentially.

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If you are really serious about it click on the button "Apply Here" and answer the critical questions I use to determine who can belong to this inner circle.

I personally will review your application and let you know within 24 hours if you can join my EIC. Remember: not everyone is a good fit for this group of high-growth orientated elite entrepreneurs.

It is the best decision you will ever make in your entrepreneurial career.

P.S. The Entrepreneurial Inner Circle will take you to the next level in your career, you will learn from my experience as well as others entrepreneurs. Do not miss this opportunity

P.S.S. £99 is an investment not a cost. The only way your business will grow is by improving your Quality of Thinking and that will not happen working on your own, isolated and waiting for your mistakes to teach you what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

From my desk in London, UK

Noel Cardona, UK Top Business Coach and Mentor